The Election

The Candidates

Union President

The Union President acts as the main spokesperson for YUSU, chairs the Union’s Board of Trustees and is responsible for the reputation, leadership and direction of YUSU as a democratic organisation. They work closely with the University’s Vice Chancellor and staff team, as well as key contacts in the city of York and, most importantly, students.

York Sport President

The York Sport President is the main point of contact for all University and college sport clubs. They coordinate and develop sport within YUSU and work to increase opportunities and participation.They help to shape the direction of sports and physical activity at the University of York, as well as running massive events such as Roses, College Varsity and Colours Ball.

Academic Officer

The Academic Officer represents students on issues relating to their course, teaching and learning facilities. The Academic Officer also works with over 400 Course Representatives, Department Representatives and Faculty Representatives to ensure that every student has the opportunity to shape how their course is taught.

Community & Wellbeing Officer

Represents students on issues affecting their wellbeing; such as health, finance, accommodation and security, as well as wider community issues. The Community and Wellbeing Officer is key to ensuring that students from a range of backgrounds and minority groups are represented within the University. They also ensure that students are represented fairly within the local community, liaising with both town and parish council officials.

Student Activities Officer

The Student Activities Officer supports and develops engagement and inclusivity in extra-curricular activities at the University of York including Societies, Media, Raising And Giving, Volunteering, and other events. The Student Activities Officer represents more than 200 student groups to the University, lobbying for their interests and makes sure that they receive the recognition they deserve.

Black Asian Minority Ethnic (BAME) Students’ Officer

The BAME Students’ Officers represent the views of students at York who self define as BAME, which is including but not limited to students of African, Asian, Arab and Latin American heritages. They campaign within the Union, University and in wider society; promoting equality for BAME students and celebrating the diversity of culture within the student body at York. They also lead the BAME Students’ Network and host regular social and campaigning events.

Disabled Students' Officer

The Disabled Students’ Officer is responsible for representing disabled students; they promote awareness of accessibility and welfare issues for disabled students on campus and campaign to make University an accessible and inclusive environment. They also lead the Disabled Students’ Network (DSN), which is a peer support and social network for disabled students.

Environment & Ethics Officer

The Environment + Ethics Officer exists to promote sustainable and fair practices at the University of York. They consult with University management and influence policy. They raise awareness through student-led campaigns and make saving the planet enjoyable and accessible. They lead the Environment + Ethics Collective, a student-led group which campaigns for the University to follow environmentally and ethically sound policies and influences student habits to be more sustainable.

International Students' Officer

The International Students’ Officers represent 20% of the student population. They hold drop ins, support international events and ensure that international students get the fairest deal while studying at York. They lead the International Students’ Association (ISA), a student network which enables cultural exchange, addresses welfare issues and fosters a welcoming community for international students at York.

LGBTQ Officer

The LGBTQ Officer is responsible for representing the views and needs of LGBTQ students and making sure they are taken into account by the Students’ Union and the University. They run campaigns to make York a more inclusive and diverse place for LGBTQ people and see that awareness of LGBTQ issues is increased. They also lead the LGBTQ Network which is a student group which exists to help LGBTQ students get to know each other, run discussions, relaxed meetings, and gets involved with events like York Pride.

Mature Students' Officer

The Mature Students’ Officer is responsible for representing the views and interests of mature students at the University of York and campaigning to make sure that mature students feel included and supported. They also lead the Mature Students’ Association (MSA), a student group which exists to represent mature students’ interests, run social events and offer an atmosphere of support for mature students. They work with organisations such as the Student Hub and also the Family Network on a range of campaigns and issues.

This year there were no candidates for Mature Students’ Officer. As such, the role will be filled with a by-election.

RAG (Raising and Giving) Officer

Develops fundraising opportunities for students. The RAG Officers cover some of YUSU’s biggest events. From raising money in Freshers’ to hosting and organising RAG week, they are dedicated to ensuring our RAG charities receive funds that keep their services alive.

Volunteering Officer

Develops opportunities for students to become involved in volunteering; something over 750 students took up through YUSU last year contributing 11,716 hours of their time! YUSU Volunteering Officers facilitate a wide range of opportunities to volunteer and support a whole range of projects. From one off events to longer term opportunities, the Volunteering Officers are at the heart of developing an inclusive and strong campus community.

This year there were no candidates for Volunteering Officer. As such, the role will be filled with a by-election.

Women and Non-Binary Students’ Officer

Women and Non-Binary Students’ Officers have driven campus events and created change to benefit the lives of women and non-binary students. Through events, campaigns and lobbying, the Women’s Officers represent self-defining women and non-binary people on campus. They also lead the Women and Non-Binary Students’ Network which is supported by a committee.

Working Class and Social Mobility Officer

The Officers advocate for and represent the interests of students from lower socioeconomic backgrounds on campus, run the Working Class and Social Mobility Network, creating opportunities for working-class students.

Faculty Rep (Arts and Humanities)

As part of the Academic Representation Network you are supported by over 450 Reps and the Student Engagement Team at YUSU.

Faculty Rep (Sciences)

As part of the Academic Representation Network you are supported by over 450 Reps and the Student Engagement Team at YUSU.

Faculty Rep (Social Sciences)

As part of the Academic Representation Network you are supported by over 450 Reps and the Student Engagement Team at YUSU.

Accountability and Scrutiny Chair

This is our newest position, which was created as a result of reviewing our Accountability and Policy structures in 2019/20. This position is designed to enhance the accountability and transparency of the Union, chairing a committee of randomly selected students.

This year there were no candidates for Accountability & Scrutiny Chair. As such, the role will be filled with a by-election.

Student Trustee

Three student trustees will be elected to sit on YUSU’s Board of Trustees, the highest decision making body in YUSU. The Board oversees the Union’s work, with particular responsibility for its financial sustainability and practice, legal compliance, and mission and strategic direction.

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