Faculty Rep (Sciences)

As part of the Academic Representation Network you are supported by over 450 Reps and the Student Engagement Team at YUSU.

The Results

The Candidates

Elliott Bellamy

  • Making sure everyone’s voice is heard in the sciences department(s). As we currently have no faculty representation in the sciences department, a vital opportunity to let people’s voices be heard has gone to waste this year! It’s about time we had someone who can take the time out of their days to listen to the concerns of students, and give everything they’ve got to help!
  • Working on policy that’s fair and inclusive for everyone in the department, ensuring that no-one will ever get the raw end of a deal!
  • Finding issues within the faculty, and bringing them to the attention of the right people. I won’t give up, or put in half a job. If elected, I’ll give 110% and then extra on the top while I hold this position!

Sesha Nicholson-Lailey

  • Empower students to act and affect policy by making existing structures clearer and building effective feedback systems.
  • Work to ensure equality of teaching practice, and easy access to support, including careers.
  • Build community links within, and between departments.