The Election

YUSU Elections 2021: It’s Over, But What Does It All Mean?

Marks Polakovs | March 19, 14:02
Another YUSU Elections cycle has finally come to an end. York Vision breaks down the campaigns, the statistics, and what this all means for students.
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What Should YOU be Drinking Tonight?

Iwan Stone | March 13, 18:11
York Vision have been given exclusive access to YUSU's Sabb cocktail recipes - here's how you make them at home.
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YUSU Candidates Face the Music

Tom Holderness | March 13, 17:14
York Vision asked the candidates what their campaign theme song would be...
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A Bitesized History of YUSU

Jasmine Moody | March 12, 11:42
With the upcoming election, why not turn back the clock and look at where it all began for YUSU.
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FACT CHECK: York Sport DO meet BUCS Minimum Safety Standards, Despite Claims Made by Candidate

Brooke Davies | March 11, 16:52
Sport President Candidate Franki Riley accused York Sport of not having BUCS minimum safety provision in place during Debate Night.
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How about another joke, YUSU?

Harry Clay | March 11, 11:47
Some of the claims candidates have made this year are total bullshit. But are they for self-betterment, or is it simply incompetence?
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What Drink Would Each Community and Wellbeing Candidate Be?

Lucy Purkis Charters | March 7, 16:59
Is this election making you in need of a drink?
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Please can the Next Sabbs not Rely on Facebook Posts

Brooke Davies | March 7, 10:41
Let's evolve past emails and Facebook posts.
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How Do YUSU Elections Compare to Other Universities?

Alex Openshaw | February 26, 13:58
Voter turnout, Sabbs, salary, and campaign budgets: a comparison to other Student Unions.
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Joke Candidates Should Take Jokes More Seriously

Will Rowan | February 24, 17:25
Don’t take yourself seriously but plan seriously; it’s more fun and more purposeful.
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Should the Environment be a Priority for all YUSU Candidates?

Emily Houghton | February 22, 12:27
With the upcoming YUSU election, many societies' and students' primary focus surrounds candidates' environmental stance.
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YUSU Elections for Dummies

Perkin Amalaraj | February 10, 22:27
Key dates, protocol, key changes, and all the info you could possibly need to be clued up on the 2020 YUSU Elections.
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Don’t Be a Wally: This is a Job Not a Hobby

Brooke Davies | February 10, 22:27
Sabbs are paid, elected officials, so please act like it.
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There is No Better Year to be a Sabb

Iwan Stone | February 10, 22:27
If you have something to say - if you genuinely want to make a difference - if you believe in fighting to make the lives of your peers more secure - put down your name.
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Why Mental Health is Important Now More Than Ever

Em Whitehouse | February 10, 22:26
Although YUSU have been making a difference, this is a critical year.
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Why Students Aren’t Voting in Union Elections, and Why They Should

Maeve Schaffer | February 10, 22:26
By nominating and voting, students have the opportunity to drive change within the University.
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Bridging the Gap: YUSU Election Workshops and the Importance of Representation

Mya Alghali | February 10, 22:26
As the nomination process begins, one can only hope that there will be a diverse selection of students running for these important positions.
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