Black Asian Minority Ethnic (BAME) Students’ Officer

The BAME Students’ Officers represent the views of students at York who self define as BAME, which is including but not limited to students of African, Asian, Arab and Latin American heritages. They campaign within the Union, University and in wider society; promoting equality for BAME students and celebrating the diversity of culture within the student body at York. They also lead the BAME Students’ Network and host regular social and campaigning events.

The Results

The Candidates

Aryan Shetty and Akshaaye Anand

(he/him & he/him)
  • More scholarship and access for students who identify themselves as part of the BAME Group 
  • More education on BLM and minority rights activism amongst student and staff population
  • Award Night for members of the BAME Community ( nation-wide)

Ish Bajwala and Vani Mahajan

(she/her & she/her)
  • Diversifying the university staff, and ensure all staff are trained to intervene and educate. Where necessary; the staff are the role models for students. 
  • Abolishing white privilege by making education surrounding systemic racism compulsory for students from all courses.
  • Destigmatisation of conversation and appreciation surrounding people from all different backgrounds, enjoying and learning about different cultures by diversifying university life.

Jasmine Moody

  • Diminish The Hurtful Image: I will bring greater representation for the Asian population at our University to ensure our university is more inclusive, with culturally diverse university events.
  • Minorities Support Other Minorities: I will represent the entirety of York’s BAME community, and will collaborate with other officers and societies to make this fight against racism a widespread movement.
  • Education, not Ignorance: I will work with YUSU to educate York’s students, to combat racism at our university, via social media campaigns, posts and events.

JJ Thomas

  • BAME Presence and Visibility.
  • Representation, Education, and Conversation.
  • BAME Wellbeing and Support.